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coast mayor. >> never, did it ever cross my mind that we're finished. you know, that it's done. >> reporter: and that's what we found keeps building up jobs, building up communities, building up america, despite all the hard times. for awful us on the cnn express, i'm tom foreman. i'm tom foreman. we'll see you down the road. -- captions by vitac -- the nation's school system under the microscope. a new documentary details the pressures faced by students, parents and teachers. later this hour we'll talk to the director of race to nowhere. and the city of toronto turns to kre cheesy tv ads to get people to recycle their unwanted electronics. josh levs has the latest viral videos. and george clooney's new film
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opens at theaters around the country. find out what a film critic thinks about this week's new releases. it is saturday september 4th, you're in the cnn "newsroom," i'm fredricka whitfield. okay, tropical storm earl makes landfall in eastern canada downing power lines, sparking power outages and it's creating dangerous surf along the east coast in its wake. earl never did make landfall in the u.s., so now some u.s. beaches are open again, however, there are still some dangers in the surf. our team coverage begins right here, we're covering this storm or what's left of it. susan candiotti is live from cape cod, massachusetts, and our jacqui jeras right here in the weather city, let's begin with you. >> earl is over the gulf of st. lawrence now and moving very, very quickly up to the north into the east. here you can see nova scotia, there's maine for perspective. the storm moves up towards new
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finland and then eventually make its way out of there and become what we call extra tropical. 70-mile-per-hour winds, that can cause a lot of damage. so even though it's a tropical storm, you don't ever want to say just a tropical storm, because still plenty of damage. there you can see the path of where it continues to go and pull away from the united states. some of the winds in the u.s. were pretty impressive, some of the strongest gusts we saw from overnight. horseshoe shoals, 60, 29 in islip. just because the storm is pulling out doesn't mean we don't need to be concerned about it. lake effect rain showers behind that system. couple other areas we're watching dropically, we've got a low into the bay of cam peach chi, some of the models picking this up into developing something, so texas will be impacted with rain showers. then we had gaston. remember gaston a couple days ago? it fizzled out but there's a high chance it's moving into
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more favorable waters that it could redevelop and then a tropical wave kind of a low chance in the next day or two, but again, as that advanced in time could develop into another system. so the hurricane season certainly at its height. once earl is out of here we've got more trouble we could potentially be dealing with in the week ahead. appreciate that. so the worst is behind the folks in cape cod, cnn's susan candiotti joins us live from the cape right now. so are the beachgoers out? i see it's very windy, but where are the beachgoers? >> reporter: well, they are on some of the beaches as long as there are lifeguards around. as predicted, obviously there were very, very high winds and very strong and dangerous rip currents, and that's the key message that the governor put out today. people are going back to the beach, they better be careful. i can honestly tell you, fred, that it is windier right now, or certainly as windy, as it was during the night last night when they clocked the highest tropical storm force winds at
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maybe 58 miles an hour. if i wasn't holding on to my hat now, it would be long gone. i can tell you this, the tourism industry here certainly did take a big hit because after the fourth of july, this is the biggest weekend for them, labor day weekend. some hotels lost 60% of their normal occupancy, but we found one family who actually arrived yesterday before the storm. listen. most people when they hear about a hurricane or tropical storm wait until it's over to come. you came right before it. why? >> well, we had made the plans to come down and we figured we'd -- we'd risk it. you know, and see what the weather forecast said it might miss this area of the cape and it looks like we lucked out. >> reporter: you know, state emergency authorities say there was so little damage, they didn't even bother to send out damage assessment teams. now they did have some power outages, 1800 overnight. but nearly all of them have had their power restored by now.
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so the storm is over, and everyone is enjoying the beautiful sunshine and 80-degree temperatures, fred. it's just still windy. >> that sounds like you should hold on to that hat, then. susan candiotti, thanks so much. appreciate it from cape cod. a state of emergency is in effect in christ "discoverchurc zealand, the seven magnitude quake struck, two people are being treated for serious injuries, but no deaths have been reported. the quake damaged buildings knocked out power and affected sewer and water service. one woman told our rick sanchez that it felt like her house was on wheels, like it was rolling around on marbles. the nation's job outlook has changed, why that's creating a new headache for the white house. [ engine revving ]
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the unemployment rate at a slight uptick last month, climbing to 9.6%, even though the private sector actually
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added jobs. but more than 14 million people are still out of work, and many americans are dissatisfied with how far the president is handling the economy. cnn's deputy political director paul steinhauser looks at the new poll numbers. >> fred, it's arguably the most important economic number in politics now, and an unemployment rate could spell trouble for the democrats come november when they try to hold on to their majorities in congress. here's why. the economy remains by far issue number one with american voters, and jobs remains the top economic issue. and it appears americans don't think president obama is doing all that great on jobs. our national poll, 40% approve with nearly six in ten saying they disapprove. that 40% is a new low in our surveys. and what about the crucial independent voters? two-thirds approve, just 32%, giving the president thumbs up.
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mr. obama is not on the ballot in the november elections, so why should this matter? here's why. the president and his party run the white house in congress so the buck on the economy all stops with them. the republicans are trying to frame the midterms as a referendum on the job the president and the democrats are done on jobs. fred? >> thanks so much, palm. appreciate that. cnn's election express kicks off its new tour in pittsburgh monday. the best political team on television is focusing on the important midterm races and the issues that are likely to impact them. coming up next, the hottest videos on the web, josh levs has those as always, and you are delivering today. >> i'm doing my best, we've got some good stuff. a dog doing incredible dance moves. we've got a guy who can fully recreateny pop song with just his voice, and we have a powerful story behind this. ♪
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>> coming up.
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so perhaps you're someone trying to stay fit, who isn't these days? there are a bunch of tools online to help you meet your goals. dr. sanjay gupta gives us a rundown in today's "fit nation". >> reporter: we live our lives online these days, we buy plane tickets, pay bills, so why not fitness? >> when people want help, a lot of times the internet is the best way to search for it f you can get that help immediately online, that's great. >> reporter: so we put some of our fit nation experts on the hunt to look at some of the latest and greatest online fitness tools. check out the fit orbit.
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a real live fitness trainer online. >> i love the fact that you can pick the type of activity level you're in, whether you have a desk job, whether you're a frequent traveler. >> reporter: your fit orbit trainer can adjust goals on a daily basis and keep track of your nutrition of the biggest downside? >> once it's online, that intensity can be removed a little bit. >> reporter: next, if you're in the mood to run, g maps pedometer, it's a cool free tool. >> as you map out your course, you see the distance, and i guess once you check the weather, you're good to go. >> reporter: if nutrition is your focus, check out a new online meal plan tool called sensei. >> users have the option from choosing frozen dinners, fast food, home cooked meals. and each of those meal type options there's an emphasis on healthy food choices. >> reporter: it comes with recipes, shopping lists and a cost per meal calculator. but if all you need is inspiration, a free healthy tips e-mail service called healthy
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a look at our top stories now, the heavy winds and rain brought by tropical storm earl hit halifax, nova scotia, winds at 70 miles an hour, downing trees and power lines. the storm is still causing dangerous surf condition as long the eastern seaboard from new jersey on north. and the death toll is rising, more than 1700 people, that have been killed in those devastating floods in pakistan.
3:17 pm
and 800,000 more people have been forced out of their homes by new flooding. that's on top of the millions already displaced by more than a month of flooding. the united nations is pleading for more international aid. and bp has successfully installed a new blowout preventer on the cemented well in the gulf of mexico, that should pave the way for crews to drill the last remaining feet of a relief well to permanently seal the problem well. we're jazzed up for this, and a dog that belongs on "dancing with the stars," you can catch the performance here, cnn's josh levs. cute. >> this is the m dog. >> a big dog, too. usually you see these with a little dog. >> this dog with really pull it off.
3:18 pm
this is the dog apparently named perry. this video, can pretty much do everything. >> i love it. >> forward, backward, to the beach. the paw goes out, does the twirl. you know rocking a little skirt. >> that dog's looking a little bit like mine, except mine doesn't have those moves. >> not many dogs have these moves. she is the new canine star of the internet. >> i love this. and she's smiling. >> we don't just look at animal talent, we look at human talent, too. she rocks. so now, i have a guy for you who can recreate any pop song with just his voice. totally a cappella. ♪ i believe that planet earth
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turns slowly. >> he lays down tracks using his voice for the instruments. he's become this internet phenom. hope this is relaxing. >> it is. it is relaxing. and the bubbles help. >> i wanted you to see another example. look at the other video. here is he doing maroon 5 ♪ there ain't nobody that can comfort me ♪ >> if you listen closely, it's all his voice but he does it so well it sounds like instruments. >> it sounds like a synthesizer. >> we have a tear jerker. >> i should have brought a hanky. my mascara is not waterproof so watch it. >> i'll tell what you we're seeing here. ♪ this is the story of a deaf girl
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who wants to play the violin. and other girls are mean to her in every way. makes her feel horrible. skip to the next section of the video. she talks with the guy on the street. ♪ they're speaking sign and he says you should still play, that music is visual, something you can see. ♪ now we're going to skip to the third section and i'll let it play. she decides to play in a music contest. and as we watch this, you'll see why it's also an ad for pantene. ♪
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♪ visualizing what music is to her. ♪
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you can shine. >> i feel like i just watched a movie. a little minimovie. >> i talked to proctor & gamble about this yesterday. they designed this to be a viral video online. it's four minutes long in the original. that's in thailand. do they have four minute videos? no, they designed this. it took off, and 4 million people have watched it. isn't that wild? >> and that was pantene as in hair products. >> you see her hair flowing at the end. >> we saw that. hair looked good. >> you can shine, up against anything. you can still shine. >> oh, that's nice. very cool stuff. >> and we end on an upnote, bring us back up. >> inspiring. >> i like that. it's inspiring, you can shine. look at these guys. this is a psa for recycling your electronics. >> we want your unwanted electronics. >> you got an old printer? we want it. old cell phones? we want it. computers from the preinternet age? we want it. >> they're doing a take off all those electronic store ads
3:23 pm
saying we're having a big blowout sale, come get it, this is by the city of toronto. and it's taken off, so now this psa that you should recycle your old electronics being watched by millions of people all around the world. >> we want it! >> we want it! >> that's cute. very funny. >> all the videos on my facebook page, we'll have more next week. >> that's good. no we're not going to do a rewind tomorrow because it's the holiday? >> it's the holiday. some of us won't be here. >> i know. don't rub it in. okay. we'll see you next week. thanks for bringing what you brought today. >> you got it. >> have a good rest of the weekend. thanks, josh. back to some weather that we continue to look out, this is an image from an ireporter, tropical storm earl unleashing its wrath on eastern canada. [ male announcer ] let's throw on those saturday clothes.
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remnants of hurricane earl brought heavy rains and gusty winds to nova scotia today. earl weakened to a tropical storm before making landfall but it was still strong enough to leave thousands of people in nova scotia without power. and a warning to swimmers on the east coast of the u.s., the busy holiday weekend, earl continues to create dangerous rip currents along the atlantic coast or should we say remnants of earl continue to do that. we've got to be careful as we hit the surf. >> it's so deceiving because it's gorgeous. the cold front which is what helped sweep earl out of there, you know, it's left behind nothing but sunny skies and great conditions so it makes you want to go to the beach. go ahead and go, but go in the
3:28 pm
pool, don't go into the ocean because there is a high risk of rip currents. it's not just in new england, this is all the way up and down the seaboard, all the way to florida, where we still have coastal flood advisories in effect. it's going to be rough and not a great day for swimming. earl, still a formidable one, 70-mile-per-hour maximum sustained winds, that's going to cause more power outages and damage. it's in the gulf of st. lawrence right now. it made landfall there, we've got eye cgaston, it's possible will come gaston as another tropical storm in the next 48 hours, and another wave off the coast of africa that has some potential for development down the line. this one a little close to home, a low chance of development because it's close to the coast,
3:29 pm
but it's likely going to be moving northward here. look at the rain we're seeing across southern parts of texas. be prepared for rain and potential of flooding throughout your holiday weekend in this area. let's look at the big picture for today. there's that high pressure in control making things just gorgeous up and town the east coast. we do have some thunderstorms across parts of florida. if have you plans in the nation's midsection, things look good, it's very hot across the southwest. excessive heat warnings for you in las vegas, of all places, and it's going to stay warm and status quo across the country as we head into tomorrow and even into monday. 76 in minneapolis tomorrow, how good is that? 85 in kansas city, and as we head into monday, that's going to be really the best day for the holiday weekend with the one exception of folks who live up here in the upper midwest, where we do have a slight risk of seeing some severe thunderstorms, large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes, so be aware of that threat if you have plans,
3:30 pm
especially late in the day. overall, enjoy the sun. just stay out of the water. >> just a lot of thinking to do before you take a dip. all right. thanks so much, jacqui, appreciate it. as kids here in the u.s. head back to school, many have new backpacks loaded with school supplies, even new clothes. maybe not in their backpacks, but they're wearing them. in cambodia, the cost of basic supplies keeps children from attending class at all. our cnn hero is using money that she's earned as a tour guide to educate poor kids. >> in the country side in cambodia, some children, they come to school, but not very regular because the family needs to have them on the farm. the school is free, but they don't have any money. how can they have the money for uniform and supplies?
3:31 pm
i have the children to go to school. the education is important for me because my father was a teacher. during the khmer rouge time, my father was killed. if we tried to study, we could be killed. my soul, always go to school. at the beginning, i got only one girl. after that, 40 children. and now 2,000. after several years, i see the change. because they know how to read and write, and they borrow the book from our library to read for their parents. i need them to have a good education to build their own
3:32 pm
family, helps us to build our country. my father, he has to be proud of me here in heaven and in my heart. >> she and her foundation have helped more than 2,000 kids get an education. if you'd like to learn more about it, and find out how you can help, just go to back in this country, overburdened, overworked and overstressed. >> i can't really remember the last time i had a chance to go in the backyard and just run around. >> school's just so much pressure that every day i'd wake up dreading it. >> i'm afraid our children are going to sue us for stealing their childhoods. >> are our kids caught up in a race to nowhere? ♪
3:33 pm
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the new jobs report that came out on thursday said 14.9
3:36 pm
million people are unemployed, but that number doesn't take into account people who have given up on looking. or as cnn's mary snow reports, people who are under employed. >> i knew things were going to get tough. >> reporter: but he didn't know it would be this tough. yes, he's found a full-time job after getting laid off, but he's underemployed. he now earns $16 an hour at lowe's. he couldn't find a job like what he earned at gm, earning as much as $130,000 a year. >> the overtime people used to make, you know -- you know, it's not there. it's not there. it's not. i see it every day. you know? i see it every day. i mean, what are we going to do? it's america. where's our jobs?
3:37 pm
>> reporter: in his new job he's taken a pay cut of almost $100,000. he's struggling to keep his house and provide for his son, now 14, and his wife who is battling cancer. he's given up second jobs to spend more time at home. his story of taking a job below his skill level is all too familiar, but it's largely untold. >> i can't guess on what percentage of the labor force is facing that right now. but we do know that it's sizeable and it's really impacting families. >> reporter: heidi shierholz says what is measured are discouraged workers who should given up actively seeking employment and part-time workers looking for full-time jobs. and that amounts to an underemployment rate that stands at 16.7%. while she expects the labor force to recover to rerecession levels, she says the effects of losing a job have a lasting
3:38 pm
impact. >> people like richard are in the situation where they're likely to face the earning hit that's can last decades. >> reporter: and for richard crane, his goals are forever changed. >> when i was working for gm i was looking forward to turning 56 and retiring and, you know, maybe try doing something else or even going until i'm 62. now we're just -- there's no real plan. it's -- our plan is to get from month to month. >> mary snow, cnn, new jersey. a look at our top stories now, earl, now a tropical storm, is drenching nova scotia today. it was downgraded from hurricane status before it made landfall. it's packing 70-mile-per-hour winds affecting weekend plans across the canadian maritimes, and tropical storm warnings remain in effect for a large part of that region. on the other side of the world, however, new zealand's south island is under a state of emergency.
3:39 pm
a powerful 7.0 earthquake caused widespread damage, but so far, no deaths. two people are being treated for serious injuries. 100 others suffered minor cutts, bumps and bruising. emergency crews are searching buildings for other possible victims. in southwest china, the death toll is climbing from devastating mudslides there. 21 people are confirmed dead. nearly 30 others are still missing. the rain triggered landslides swept through a mountain village in the rugged yunnan province earlier this week. so how do we fix our schools? that's a question cnn has been asking all week long. critics say the nation's heavy reliance on standardized testing and a culture of competition at all costs is producing a generation of burned out, unmotivated students. a new documentary called "race to nowhere" focuses attention on
3:40 pm
this relentless pressure to succeed. >> high school is about learning how to pass tests. >> you try to stuff as much information into your brain as possible and as soon as you're done with it, out it goes. >> you start out in, like, kindergarten. >> you have to get into the top schools. >> have you to take tests and do interviews to get into public high schools. >> and ap, and then a four-year college. >> if i don't get into college, my mindset is basically like, you know, i'm screwed. >> and then graduate school. >> how are you going to get into top tier medical school or law school. >> and then what? people get caught up in this like race to nowhere. >> and again, that's what this documentary is called, "race to nowhere." joining us from san francisco, the film's director, vicki abelese and derrick smith, co-director of the june jordan school for equity, a high school with a social justice theme in san francisco, california. he was a teacher in the
3:41 pm
documentary, as well. good to see both of you. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us. >> so, vicki, let me begin with you. what was the impetus for this documentary? >> well, i started to consider making a documentary three years ago when my 12-year-old daughter became physically sick from the pressure she was feeling at school and from our culture and i felt powerless and alone as a mother. started to speak with other students and parents and educators, and eventually to experts across the country to see what was happening in our schools and with our children. and i began to understand -- >> was it at that point of the dialogue when you started comparing notes with other parents and talking to teachers that, wait a minute, this is not an anomaly, and that it really is conceivable that my child might be getting sick from just being so taxed. >> that's right. i think that what we have here
3:42 pm
is an epidemic of unhealthy disengaged, unprepared kids trying to manage an extreme, and i felt it was a story that needed to be told. a look at the inside lives of kids and teachers in our schools today. >> and so a lot of the children, young people that you interviewed on that high school level came from your school, derrick. is that right? >> some of them came from my former school in oakland, yes. >> okay. and so when you look at this documentary and see it's not just one child, it's not just two or three telling their story, but a pretty grand host of kids who seem to have a common thread message that the pressure is there, they want to be high achieving, they want to get high grades on a test, or they want to make sure that they have a -- the right labeled school, a letter of acceptance from any of these higher education schools. so how do you read the signs? how do you know whether your child is taxed?
3:43 pm
what's kind of the common den nominator to know the kid is overwhelmed? >> as a mother, i think that it's really important that we talk to and listen to our kids. i would encourage everyone to bring their kids to screenings, the film "race to nowhere" and open up a dialogue so we can understand how our kids experience school and the extracurricular activities, our 24-hour a day, seven days a week culture is really impacting them. i think it's important parents start to understand the signs of depression and know that it's not always easy to tell when your child is struggling. >> and so -- >> right, and if they're not sleeping, it's a problem as well. i was going to say, if they're not sleeping enough, if they seem tense, if they seem stressed out and unhappy, we don't want to dismiss those things as typical signs of adolescen adolescence, we want to ask our children what's really going on. you might find out they might be
3:44 pm
overwhelmed and need a break, need some time to really sit with you or someone else and reflect on what's happening to them. >> i guess for a parent it's really difficult sometimes to really understand that, because i think everyone remembers being that kid in school, you know, wake up one morning and you say you just don't want to go or you've got a stomach ache or something, you know? but a parent has to be attuned to know, what my child is saying, this pressure, this feeling of being so overwhelmed is making him or her sick. that's hard to do, darrick. >> no, it is hard to do, but it's something we have to watch out for. i understand that parents these days, you know, parents e really concerned about the children getting a fair shake from the schools and universities, they want to make sure their child is treated right and that they're getting the best education possible. but what we don't want to do is use the struggles and the challenges of schools as indicators of your child's worth or your child's effort which then putts more pressure on them
3:45 pm
to try and impress their parents and impress their teachers for something that they may be eligible for in the future, where they may get in the future, rather than being understood and valued for who they are now. >> so something else you reveal in this documentary is that, yes, it can make a child feel sick, it can make them start questioning or second-guessing themselves, but it can also promote cheating. let's take a look. >> because of how much pressure and how much stress it's put on getting that "a" so you can get into an ivy league school, you result to cheating because you get five hours of homework a night and you can't do it. >> kids cheat for a lot of reasons. most of the time it's because they have too much work to do and too little time to do it, or the pressure on them is so great they feel they need to get the grade by hook or by crook.
3:46 pm
>> so what about the rule of teachers here? if parents are not seeing the signs or overlooking the signs, teachers are clearly seeing these children more than parents, how does a teacher walk away from this view and say this is what i know what to look for, this is what i could do, this is a dialogue i could have with any number of these children. >> right. well, i think for all of us, we start by asking our kids how they're feeling and opening up the lines of communication. i think it's very difficult in our schools today when our teachers are seeing a couple hundred kids potentially in a day. so this film is really intended to bring school communities together to open up a dialogue about what we're doing in education today and our hope is that parents and educators who know that education isn't working today, not only from a health perspective, but also in a prerp relation perspective, kids are arriving in college and
3:47 pm
workplace unprepared and uninspired. and i think we need educators and parents to join together and create a grassroots movement to transform the way we see education and childhood in this country. and in the end, i think we'll end up with better-prepared kids. this is too important to wait for policies to change and to make large institutional change. instead, i would recommend that we start in our school communities and in our homes. >> vicki abeles, darrick smith, thanks so much. we appreciate your time from san francisco today. >> thank you. >> and the documentary opens in new york and los angeles next thursday. hundreds of screenings are scheduled across the country this fall. and anyone can actually bring the film to their own community, you can get more information about all this online at pretty powerful stuff. all right. i talked with legendary tennis champ march tina navratilova about the biggest battle that she has ever faced on and off
3:48 pm
the court. breast cancer. hurry, time is running out!
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tennis great martina navratilova is facing down her biggest challenge yet -- breast cancer. she was diagnosed in february and allowed cnn to follow her during her cancer treatment and recovery. that special documentary premiers today at 4:30 p.m. eastern time. yesterday, i got a chance to speak wh the tennis legend for a revealing one-on-one interview. here's what she told me about why she's sharing her story. you allowed cnn to get up close and personal with you over a period of time to document what is a private battle, but you oh
3:52 pm
decided to make it public. why? >> well, i went public with what was going on with me because i realize that early detection saved me in many ways. saved a much more radical recovery. i wanted to share my story so i would encourage women to have that yearly change-up, lly che. >> you're talking about the mammogram. this underscores to women why it is important to get that. you also say that it's february 24th that was your 9/11. why is that? >> well, because that's when i was told -- that was the afternoon i was told that my biopsy was positive. i, in fact, had early stages of breast cancer. so i didn't expect it, totally thought i was taking it in stride thinking nothing was going to come of it. when i got the news, your life just stops at that moment. it's like, okay, my life will never be the same.
3:53 pm
hopefully i will have a life for a long time. it's a shock to the system. everything stops and you realize nothing is as important as your health. it's the old cliche, but it's so true. it was brought to me earlier than i thought it would happen to me. i just thought i was too young for anything bad to go wrong. then i got into the solution of it all. but it was a shock to the system. there is no doubt. physically, i had to sit down. it's one of those. just knocks your breath out. >> she sat down, but definitely got right back up and is talking about her experience. don't miss our documentary at 4:30 eastern time. you can see it again at 7:30. >> reporter: they had extremely close calls but no deaths. what quake survivors were doing when the buildings, bricks and glass came tumbling down.
3:54 pm
>> reporter: first, we have all seen virtual reality in movies, but now you can experience your own alternative reality inside a video game. >> reporter: in the movie "the matrix" keanu kooereeves was trd in a virtual world. now you can experience your own alternate reality inside a video game. it's called the virtuesphere, a human hamster ball. >> the game puts you in a story where you are the focus of the story. >> you can see the 3-d world. we have a censor which tracks which way the surface is rolling. you get a true experience. >> you can walk, spin around and run inside the sphere during an action-packed game. >> you're actually involved in the game. instead of your thumbs it's your body. >> or take a stroll through a
3:55 pm
virtual village in russia. the sphere was designed for military and police training, but now -- >> the possibilities are endless. we can't wait to work with gaming publishers and movie studios. we can see these in malls and theme parks around the world. >> reporter: gary tuckman, cnn. h just got more powerful. introducing precise from the makers of tylenol. precise pain relieving cream works quickly to activate sensory receptors. it helps block pain signals fast for relief you can feel precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol. when something's safe? you talk to these guys. they go through every car and truck we make with a big fat red pencil. because they know a family's going to be inside.
3:56 pm
a teenager. a guy on the way to the job. the engineers of chevrolet. just another reason why we can offer a 5-year 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. and another reason why a chevy's a chevy.
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3:58 pm
on the other side of the world, a new zealand sound island is under a state of emergency after a powerful earthquake. two people are being treated for serious injuries. no deaths are reported from the 7.0-magnitude quake. here's a look at the damage. >> reporter: one resident says
3:59 pm
it felt like her house was on wheels, rolling around on marbles. this is the aftermath of a powerful earthquake that jolted christchurch, new zealand and surrounding areas. saturday's predawn quake had a magnitude of 7.1. buildings came crumbling down, crushing cars, and littering the streets with bricks and glass. officials say there is significant damage and at least two serious injuries, but amazingly enough, no fatalities. >> there were some extremely close calls. people's walls did fall in. there are some extremely lucky people. one woman oh was saying she's lost all her china she wanted to give to her grandchildren but is lucky to be alive. >> reporter: the quake was centered 35 miles from christcher, a city of 350 people. people jumped out of bed

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